And Other Life Stories

When I was twenty a man trailed me for blocks in Paris, and when I shook my head no at his offer of a stick of butter to sleep with him he narrowed his eyes with real hatred and muttered Salope! Slut.
- Katha Pollitt, Learning To Drive

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One of these things just doesn't belong here

[via Leslie and GirlSpeak]


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Outstanding and Warranted

Last spring, Holly Kearl did some research for her Master's thesis about street harassment. Her results are online and an interesting read for anyone wanting a spectrum of thoughts about safety in public space.

Not only is harassment a pain, but seems that if you do it, it might come back and bite you in the ass. We're not always a fan of their work, but this time: nicely done po-po.

{image via Conflux}

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On the off chance

Things have been a little light over at HollaBackBoston these days but that doesn't mean street harassment dispatches aren't blogging in from far and wide. Check out this one from the "totally brilliant" M. LeBlanc over at Rock, Paper, Swords: Great, start 'em young.

This lawyer goes to town on the pre-pubescent socialization. Right on. But as per usual, the comments section is chock full of unaware men and "anonymous" posters try to beat her right back into place.

Unfortunately that it seems to always need to be done, she then posits a righteous rebuttal, trying to spell it out for those who still don't get it.

This is what we like to call getting it done. Too bad it takes so much damn energy and time to just be heard.

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