Intentional silence

We usually like it loud. People should be loud to be heard. These days, you have to smack someone over the head before they hear you. There is so much noise.

We're being intentionally silent right now. There are screaming thoughts in our minds that we can't quiet yet, but before we share them, we have to understand them ourselves. This includes understanding privilege, activism, and the union of the two. This includes understanding hierarchy and the way it, and related systems, impact the intersection of technology and activism as well.

It used to be that in times of despair, we would all honor a moment of silence. We don't despair, but we do think it's time for a period of quiet reflection. We may not have a lot of thoughts here in the near future, but stay tuned: some thoughts from one of us will soon show up in print elsewhere, and it may help folks in the anti-street harassment movement think more critically about their practice, action, and activism as they know it. We hope to push forward, even if it means scaling back here and at HollaBackBoston.


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