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This week, a video about street harassment on New York cable channel news.
We'd have embedded it for you here, but their embed code is atrocious and breaks in Blogger.

Also, better late than never, we found this article about anti-rape arm bracelets.

Photo: 3arabawy/Flickr

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At 11:25, Blogger Golden Silence said...

When I try to play it I get "the video you are trying to play is no longer available." I don't know what's up with that.

At 16:49, Anonymous HollaBackBoston said...

Hi GS!

The link seems to be misdirecting on their website. If you use the search feature at the bottom of the page, put in the keywords "fact finders" and the second result is "Fighting Street Harassment." Sorry about that!

In solidarity,

At 16:01, Blogger Golden Silence said...

I tried it again from the HollaBack NYC site and it worked that time. It was a good piece.

My only qualm is that I wonder why the news blurred out the faces of the harassers on the site, when anyone can see them online. Those men gave up their right to privacy when they made the choice to harass women.


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