The social stratification of harassment

Even celebrities gotta deal with hollas, as seen in this video via sorta nasty celeb site TMZ.

And now, courtesy of Playboy (surprise), any woman can be harassed without a male ever having to "actively" bother her. Just walk over this mirrored ground ad in a skirt and voila!

We find the CockShadows blog to be particularly disturbing, a form of strangely subversive online harassment, in our opinion. While we're all for subversive tactics, this just seems lewd and in incredibly poor taste. Public space is phallic enough as it is. We need to further highlight this aspect of patriarchy? Most of know this already.

And last but not least, we HATE the latest Arby's commercial. Whoever made this missed the memo: there is nothing amusing or clever about harassment.

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At 15:40, Anonymous cami said...

that ad sucks!! i get freaked out every time i see it.

At 20:17, Blogger NOLA radfem said...

I hate those ads.

Here's a blog I just did on the new "Holiday Inn Express" ads. I find this very upsetting.



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