Allies everywhere

A lot of folks - us included - work towards similar missions, sometimes without knowing it. MobileActive.org encourages the tracking and reporting of human rights violations with cell phones. We're either supporting their message or they're supporting ours, and either way, we'll take allies however they come.

Outside the pseudo-official HollaBack web, Don't Be Silent has taken up the cause in Washington D.C. after HollaBackDC became a splog (spam blog - in other words, save yourself time by not looking for it). Adding a personal touch, DBS has also started a group for women and allies to meet in person to talk about how to best handle street harassment in their city.

In London, another anti-street harassment blog was just established out of a personal desire for such a forum. Abby O'Reilly, who is also a blogger for The F-Word, started writing at don't look don't touch after a disturbing incident on the London Underground left her shaken long after the fact. After writing about the incident on The F-Word and hearing from other women all over the country and world, Abby realized that these incidents are part of a pattern of regular threat and violence against women - a real moment of clarity more and more women have as these conversations develop and grow.

We even started a tiny Flickr group where people can link to photos taken in public of harassers - and we even have one contributor from Michigan so far! Who says there aren't various allied ways to holla back?

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