Word on the beat

"She wants it, so I gotta give it to her."

"Your hips, your thighs, they got me hypnotized."

"I ain't got to move, I can sit and watch."

"She always ready, when you want it, she want it, like a nympho."

"I like the way you move. Girl you got me thinkin' 'bout, all the things I'll do to you."

What's that you ask? Are the these latest hollas from the street? No, just the lyrics to 50 Cent's newest jam.

If you're so inclined, check out the obscene voyeurism in the video.

However, we'd rather watch videos like this one:

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At 13:25, Blogger Don't Be Silent DC said...

I cannot stand 50 Cent. One of my brothers, for some strange reason, idolizes him and looks up to him. He tried to get me to watch "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" and I immediately tuned out and walked off.

I find no reason to glorify this idiotic and shameless thug.


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