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We like when major news sources cover street harassment like The Guardian story this Tuesday. It's just too bad women have to label themselves as "average" in order to speak about street harassment happening to a broad spectrum of women everywhere. Extraordinary women get harassed too, and studies show it might even be happening to them more than any other group. It also strikes us that the more people write about street harassment, the more we continue to ignore solutions aside from "I'm going to tell them to stop it!", and many times, details of harassment accounts end up sensationalized in a pretty offensive manner. While we believe in taking back our stories of harassment and assault, why is it continually necessary to exploit the details of others' accounts with sexual detailing and baiting? We're more of a fan of analysis like that found in this Esquivalience post, where class and bullying factor into the discussion. Whether or not we agree, at least we have some enjoyable food for thought on a topic that is anything but.

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