This week we've got another gem from the "anonymous gripes and grouses" section in the Letters to the Editor of the esteemed Weekly Dig:

Dear guy in the red hat JERKING OFF in Target
Yes, I saw you. WTF is wrong with you? I'm all for sexual freedom and the rights of people to do what they want with consenting adults and/or themselves. But come on. Time and place for things, huh?

PS: You could have chosen something sexier than that lilac-colored granny-looking bathrobe for your partner, receptacle, object d'amore.

We definitely don't need any reminders that there are all kinds in this city, but this one is just over the top.

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At 14:46, Anonymous cami said...

I like that you guys post this stuff cause its everywhere and no matter how women want to vent, it should be noted as part of the problem. Word.


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