MBT hey!

"Once I took photos of a guy who looked like he was about to punch another guy, and that [the photo] prevented him [from doing so]," Desjardins said. "I think having cameras there is going to dissuade terrorism, not facilitate it."

Ever tried to take a photo on the T or on the platform while waiting for a train, only to be approached by an MBTA employee telling you that you can't? Ever been ousted from the station in the name of terrorism - like we were at Park Street - for attempting to snap some pics of a quintessential part of your city? Luckily, a host of concerned citizens - along with the ACLU - have succeeded in taking down the red tape around the MBTA's "no photography" policy.

According to the new draft policy, when photographing on the T, you must provide ID upon request, the subject of the picture cannot pose a security risk, your activity of shooting does not disrupt MBTA operations and the pictures are for non-commercial use only.

Which is good news for us cause as you know a whole hell of a lot of street harassment happens on dem trains.

What's ironic about this success in reclaiming our civil liberties is that it brings to light the reality that it's not an issue of having cameras, but in fact, WHO has the camera. In other words, it's not as if the MBTA, Boston Police Dept, and more don't already photograph us everywhere we go. Count the cameras next time you find yourself in the under-construction Arlington T stop. Can you find more than the eleven we do in a casual stroll down the corridor?

We understand as much as the next person that this type of constant surveillance may simply be a truth in our current existence. We just want to make sure it can work for us and that perhaps someday harassment and holla'ing back will be equated with the terrorism the MBTA seems to think it is protecting itself against. Perhaps they will even hand over those surveillance tapes if someone steps to us while I'm waiting for the trolley. Until we can be sure, we're liberating our cameras and cell phones while riding.


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