Art not apathy

We know that public space can be rough for lots of folks and that more than harassment can intrude on people's enjoyment in transit, but by now, anyone who's reading this knows that our hatred for all things under the "street harassment" category tops the list of undesirables.

But we love art, and what we love even more is when the acknowledgment of one intersects with the other.

We know our allies at Hollaback Canada (whose analysis we also happen to love) have it covered up north, but I smiled when Toronto's Spacing Wire included street harassment as part of their review of a public video art installation.

From one of my personal favorite design blogs, I love the idea of clothing with memory. The next time some dude touches you on the train? You'll have more than a disgusting mental impression. In addition to tracking invasions of personal space, this type of product could soothe its wearer by providing artificial (good) touch therapy and a personal "sensory cocoon". Yes, please.

And while we do our best to remain committed to nonviolence, despite knowing it's a jungle and a forest out there, I really love this switched up version of a holla back - a camera inside a toy gun. Hot, safe, and fun.

By Brittany Shoot, Creative Commons 2.5.

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