Finnishing harassment

Street harassment happens all over the world, all the time. Without getting into the online anonymity breeds hate speech conversation, it's (sort of) worth checking out the comments section of this video. If anyone has ever questioned why women don't speak out more, these comments serve as a perfect example of the continued blame, threat, and abuse that can result for merely voicing your experience.

It's certainly not an accident that the woman in the video compares herself with Pitkasilta (Long Bridge), a Helsinki landmark and reminder of century-old wars. It's also interesting that the bridge used to once separate the city's working and upper classes. Harassment knows no such boundaries; why do we think anything else will?

As recently as last week, we were told we didn't have a sense of humor about these things. Really? Seems we aren't the only ones not laughing:

You can get more information about the fantastic song used in the first video, Ursula Rucker's What A Woman Must Do, here. As always, we encourage you to do whatever you need to do to have a hot and safe week.

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