Taking it Up A Notch: Cell Phone Stun Guns

Although HollaBackBoston is definitely a non-violence advocate, we still acknowledge that violence is a reality, and women who are physically or sexually assaulted often feel they must defend themselves by whatever means necessary.

We're always appreciative of new and stylish (not to mention discrete and subversive) suggestions for self-defense. After all, catching a sexual assailant off-guard with an unusual defense mechanism might make a critical difference in your escape. One of HollaBackBoston's allies, KW Personal Security, is a GLBT friendly company that provides some pretty original "holla" merch. If you're so inclined, check out their Cell Phone Stun Gun (loaded with 180,000 volts and a 130 decibal alarm) or their Lipstick Pepper Spray. Rad.

Also note this practical advice about carrying any type of cell phone:

"Regardless of your particular view of the cell phone, they have a function that you may never have thought of. They can be a deterrent to a potential mugger or attacker! You may be thinking, well that's just not true... someone will see you on your phone and think you're distracted and that you're a perfect target. Well, think about it. If a potential attacker is sizing you up, and you appear to be on the phone, it's unlikely you'll be chosen. The person on the other end of that phone can hang up and call 911. That person is likely to know exactly where you are, and you could be giving them a description of every person you see. That potential predator is most likely going to move on to someone who is more alone."

It's funny too - just this week, one of us was walking home, late at night, and was approached by a strange man. But because she had her camera and phone in hand, after a while, he moved on, saying, "Have a good night. Be safe."

We're just really thankful for the times that small things like our phones, cameras, and other little extras act as powerful deterrents.

Written by Michelle Riblett & Brittany Shoot. Creative Commons 2.5.

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At 22:04, Anonymous Susan said...

I have to say I disagree with this post... I know waaaaay too many women (and one man) who have been mugged, a few times at gunpoint, when they have been on their cell phones. Think about how quickly a mugging happens-- 10 (seemingly long, but not) seconds, and it's over. Even if, by some feat of speed and rationality, the person on the other line has called 911, the muggers/attackers are long gone by the time the police even get in their car. I'm not saying people should never be on their cell phones when they're walking, but please don't use it as a security device-- in my friends' experiences, it has been a distraction and another thing to steal.


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