Recognition of the other

When we were first starting HollaBackBoston, the idea was briefly tossed around that we should include stories of good will - public success stories, if you will, wherein women were respected and men kept their cool. This idea was quickly thrown aside because we chose to focus on creating a space for women and all marginalized groups who feel unsafe in public. While we applaud those who know how to handle themselves, we reasoned that we should be totally clear about our purpose and existence.

In the months since we've set up camp in our corner of the blogosphere, we've noticed lots of other HollaBack chapters toying with this idea. While it warms our hearts to know that some men understand these issues and are engaging in the dialogue (as we ourselves have encouraged), thus far, we've spent time privately thanking the men in our own lives - partners, relatives, friends, allies - for their work and resistance. This week, in honor of a holiday built on false history and oppressive behavior, we encourage everyone to thank the people in their lives who make them stronger, more confident, healthy individuals. We couldn't do it alone.

By Brittany Shoot, Creative Commons 2.5.

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