Holla back...anytime, anywhere

You may have noticed that we've been posting hollas from CraigsList lately. Thing is, women were holla-ing back long before this movement and its branches sprang up. But I can't help but think it's amusing (well, as funny as street harassment can be, I suppose) that I keep running across these hollas-waiting-to-happen whenever I'm browsing the ol' CL. I suspect a lot (all?) of these annoyed females don't know we exist.

And I applaud them all the same.

While we strive to build a coalition around a serious issue, I want women to feel empowered and use whatever tools best suit their needs. A community blog isn't for everyone, and while we continue to work on bridge-building in our own city, women are standing up for themselves all over the country - and all around the world - with or without an organized structure.

Bravo, ladies.

I also like it when people holla with a sense of humor.

Have a safe week.

By Brittany Shoot, protected by Creative Commons 2.5.

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