Street harassment zone: a hot and safe art installment

Earlier this summer, the ladies of HollaBackBoston gathered with members of NOMAS-Boston and other community allies to discuss men's role in ending street harassment and to create an art installation. After an enlightened discussion and exchange of practical tips, those assembled took up their markers. Armed with spools of blank yellow zoning ribbon, activists created mock caution tape as an illustration of the problem of street harassment. Intertwined with parts of a real construction site on Mt. Auburn Street in Cambridge, MA, (and notably not removed for several days) HollaBackBoston co-founder Michelle Riblett explained the installment, "We're creating a street harassment zone because there isn't one already!" And yet, street harassment knows no zoning boundaries.

Written, taped, and produced by Brittany Shoot. Protected by a Creative Commons License 2.5. Music "Proceed with Caution" by The Dillinger Escape Plan.

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