For the long weekend...

We're taking a few days off for the long weekend, but we know the harassers won't. So in the meantime, here are a few bits of reading material for you.

One link we recommend is a short piece about what it means to be objectified: Definition: But Don't You Like To Be Objectified Sometimes?. Many people - women included - like to talk about how objectification is actually empowering. This article posits a contrary definition of objectification as a "forced loss of self" and outlines the difference between the valid enjoyment of attention and the disabling powerlessness of being made an object - something we are continuously clarifying for those who object (ha!) to our work.

And, from a fellow HollaBacker (PNW), here is another subject we have considered for a future editorial, which Luke has already covered quite well: T-Shirts: Street Harassment Without the Audio. Aren't vulgar, insensitive t-shirts just as he says: passive aggressive street harassment?

We'll be back on Wednesday to talk about Manliness as defined by Boston's own Harvey Mansfield. Enjoy your weekend Holla folks!

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