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HollaBackTALK seeks to engage HollaBackBoston supporters, allies, and skeptics in the critical theory that backs our mission of safety in public spaces. Dedicated to ending sexual violence that exists on a wide spectrum, HollaBackBoston catalogs street harassment and gives women and marginalized groups a space for recourse, solidarity, and resources. In addition to a space on HollaBackBoston to vent about the everyday frustrations of being followed, cat-called, and groped in public, HollaBackTALK will focus on the wider implications of these unwanted advances and acts. We will discuss strategies for avoiding and ending harassment, explore misconceptions about harassment, and address skeptics who do not seek to understand the ramifications of verbal and physical assaults that women and marginalized people experience every day in public spaces.

For feedback, email hollabacktalk@gmail.com.

HollaBackTALK is a side project of HollaBackBoston and is in no way affiliated with any other site bearing a similar name or likeness. All works are held under a Creative Commons License 2.5 and are the sole property of their respective authors.

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